God’s blessings and divine power are the most important aspects of your life through which you will be able to shine and progress in all your endeavors. After accomplishing any feat, if you feel it is entirely on your capability, it may not be that true. Because without blessings of God and the power of divinity, no one can achieve any significant output regarding tangible results accrues out of various activities. Many people may not be aware that God talks to us, guides us and show us the light at the end of the tunnel whenever we are in any problem, but we are so busy in our state of affairs that we seldom interpret His signal with clarity. If you want to receive blessings of God on a continuous basis; you need to be a God-loved man. There is a myth in the religious arena that God punishes us for our wrongdoings, and so we need to be the God-feared person. It is a fallacy because God is always compassionate to His children. He is least bothered what you do.
If you perform unethical works, you get punishment in this life only. If you carry out good works, you will receive the accolade from everybody. God’s love is comparable with an ocean. If you take water after water from the sea, it will not bother at all. It will always flow to its sweet will. If you think that you are not getting God’s mercy, you are at fault to understand His power. You have to surrender to Him completely and love Him. To God, every human being is same; there is no differentiation, and there is no rationing of love. He speaks the languages of love, goodness, and kind. He has no discrimination. You have to treat Him as your companion and love Him. But people have a wrong notion psychologically that to become one with God, they will lose their self-identify as an individual soul. You should never think in that direction. You and God are not separate. You should never cease exit from God despite owning your identity, awareness, and consciousness.