We all have one or the other inherent talent. Yet most of us lead a colorless, monotonous and lackluster life, and not able to unlock our potentialities. We fail to identify the real meaning of lives– who we really are and what we can bring to the world. If you read the verses of Gita on a regular basis, you can unlock your potentialities to utilize the same for your uplift and also society’s benefits. It only requires a shift in your thinking process and needs a change in attitude. The great people like MK Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda are the examples how they transformed themselves based on their potentialities. Gandhi becomes a Mahatma because of non-violence thinking and Vivekananda, who was not sure how to address the parliament of religions, become a world famous preacher. Similarly, Abdul Kalam from a very humble background rose to the position of President of India. What Gita teaches us? You can unlock your potentialities and with the help of the same, become an extraordinary human being from an ordinary person. It will definitely take time, and you have to follow various measures step by step to reach the high echelon in a field where you have maximum potentiality. Everybody is not highly talented or blessed with a high IQ, but every single person possesses enough spirit to show their excellence. You have to just pull off the layer of darkness from your mind and put efforts continuously to ignite the divine spark. It will make you to reach perfection.