People must be damn surprised to read the title because there is no clear cut solution for this suffering. But we all are the victims of this syndrome, which not only disturbs our lives, but also make us feel dejected to the eyes of our family members, friends, neighbors, and societies. Further, if you are not in a position to control anger and frequently outburst, then people will not like to mix with you both in professional and social level. You may be even recognized as a short tempered person. It will hamper your credibility in the market. In our day to day life, we face a lot of obstacles, constraints, genuine and unlawful demands from everyone including family members. Often it makes us clueless how to solve these problems? It even jeopardizes our progress and reduces the growth rate of our lives. Many times, the severity of these catastrophes causes blockade in our progress. We put sincere efforts to remove these constraints and become successful also. While finding out the solution and chalking out the implementation program many a time, we lose our temperament and get exhausted. At the end, of course, many of us overcome these hassles to smoothen our lives. But when we are not able to do so, frustration arises. Some people digest these frustrations, some completely ignore and some other outburst in the form of severe anger. We know that anger is a bad characteristic of a person. Needless to say, it is required to ascertain the cause of this outburst or anguish, and also one must take remedial actions to curb the anger. The question arises, how I will be able to control my anger when the surrounding circumstances provoke me to lose temperament, whether it is a serious or a trivial issue.
To curb violence and to have a control on anger management is not so easy, particularly when you are in a bad mood. Your anger may be related to physical, mental, psychological and environmental symptoms to a situation for which sometimes you may not have any control. If we are not able to allay this, it can cause harm not only to the individual but also to the entire surrounding. Does it mean, you should not be angry at all? No, the mild form of anger for some valid reason is always a healthy sign. But beyond a limit, it will cause the health hazard. For example, your boss has rebuked you severely in the office, and you suppress the humiliation, bring the same in your family life and start yelling to your wife showing your anger for no fault of her, then it is known as a bad management of violence. When we become violent and start shouting on somebody, there will be an excess generation of stress hormones such as epinephrine, norepinephrine, and cortisol, and we face health hazard severely. It ultimately causes various ailments. So, by showing anger beyond a limit, you are spoiling your health considerably.
Anger management is a science, by which you must know when to show your passion, and at the same time, you should not be violent at all, and even if you become, you must withdraw from the situation after some time or you must remain aloof without any comment. If you can practice the theory of silence in any heated exchanges, the opponent will stop to provoke you further. For example, you are scolding your son for poor marks in the exam and so, just give him a slice of punching words, a bit of mild shouting and then walk away. You have to ensure to control anger, and at the same time, your son gets the correct message to improve upon in the future.
We have 60 trillion cells in our body, and six trillion chemical reactions are taking place every second as per the law of nature. Most of us are not even aware of this fact. But who is the programmer? It is our mind, the conscious mind. Throughout the day and night, when we awake, this conscious mind is programming the routine of our life. An active and nourished thinking pattern with abundant positive thoughts is responsible for an entirely healthy mind and body, whereas a negative mindset produces disease, anger, and poor health. If you can think positively during the stressful situation, and you accumulate the same, you will see that there is no need of your angry at all in your life, barring a few occasions. The ideal way to control the anger is to sit for meditation, stop your habit of prattling thinking without any particular purpose, and to confine yourself to a secluded place for an extended period. Immediately after the noisy, and chaotic situation, sit in meditation or even do the walking meditation practicing your breathing by saying “I observe letting.” You have to breathe inward by saying this affirmation, and also breathe outward with the same assertion. With full focus, if you do the ten inward and outward breathing, you will be in a position to eliminate the thoughts, which produce your anger. You will be feeling calm and quiet. A long practice of this type of meditation with said affirmations not like a parrot will be very much beneficiary for your health and progress. From your behavior then, no one will come to know you’re getting angry so much. But this breathing technique with utterances of the affirmations will reduce your anger when you enter into the core being of your personality, and understand the blessings of God for giving such a beautiful life. Knowing this, you will not waste the precious time and energy showing anger even there is a valid reason. It is better to be in happy mood both in suffering and enjoyment to have a violent free life as feasible.
Thus the anger is a system defect, control it. Otherwise, it will control you.