I hear people often saying “Why to follow the spiritual path for the whole life, what happens if we do not follow?” Now, it is not a matter of any compulsion. It is simply your belief and show reverence to the spirit, which we are not able to feel in our worldly lives. We are so much engrossed in the everyday affairs that except to bow down our head to the idols or photos of god/goddess for a few seconds; we do not involve that much in spirituality. It is not the correct way of leading a life. Like other activities, namely eating, exercising, reading, writing, and sleeping, you must engage yourself in different spiritual activities starting from chanting hymns, performing pujas or simply closing eyes and then remembering the Creator at least for half an hour daily. It will liberate you from the shackles of your karma. Further, by embracing the spiritual path, your enlightenment will increase, and it will bring your inner freedom. We always believe in outer freedom. For example, we must have a right to mix freely with the opposite sexes despite parent’s rebuke. We must have freedom to drink liquor or smoking even without attaining the proper age. We must have freedom to chalk out our schedule of studies instead of being dictated by our teachers and parents. But these freedoms will not give you to come out from the negative pattern of living which should not be the part of an ideal life. Instead of harping for outer freedom, you must concentrate to acquire inner freedom. When you can do so, you show your calmness, kindness, compassion, joy and do not react with anger when others contradict you for various reasons. The inner freedom provides you the tranquility, severity and provides the enjoyment whatever the life brings to you. We all face a lot of painful events, and when we look in the mirror, we realize the causes of these odd and unpleasant events unknowingly. The great soul Swami Kriyananda would say, “When you see a fault within yourself, don’t despair, but rejoice. It has been there all along, but now that you have seen it, you can start working to change it.” In reality, the majority portion of our population are not able to understand the faults and even after understanding, do not correct the wrong attempts. What happens? Instead of getting out of the pain, they further increase their mental agonies, stresses and finally causing health problems. The main reason of health issue is that your mind and body are not in unison. Your mind with positivity wants to change the faults, but your cynical mind allures you to cling to the mistakes. There lies the importance of some spiritual tools that help you to break from Karmic patterns. Karma is nothing, but the energy evolved through the past thoughts or actions. These ideas only distract your attention to leave the present work at hand and make you dwell on the unproductive projects. But if the thoughts are productive, then it induces your subconscious pattern, and this characteristic trait of the mind only controls the behavior and directs the flow of energy in a real direction. With conscious awareness and confidence, replace your negative pattern of thoughts with a positive one. For example, for your any decision, you receive tremendous criticisms from your detractors and also from your supporters, don’t ignore; just try to appease everyone by providing support services and reason of your taking that particular decision. If the same is flawless, you will see that after the initial outburst, people will either keep quiet or support the decision. The rule of the karma will not give you enough free hand, and it may be slow in changing the course, but over a period, if you desire to accept changes, it will open the floodgate of freedom for you. To break the monotonous karmic shackles, chant some affirmations with deep breathing after closing eyes. For example, “I calm my mental formations, or I liberate my mind.” They are very efficient to regularize the pattern of thinking. Prim-a-facie, the practice looks to be simple, but in reality, it is not. It requires focus, concentration, and power of the mind. Further, affirmations must adhere to a particular karma that you are working on, and it should be your constant companion. For example, if you have a habit of eating junk food whether you are hungry or not, use the words of Yogananda to resist the temptation, “Today, I will rise above the conscious of food and know that I live in the pure peace of silence.”